About Us

Effie, Louisiana is a small farming community located in central Louisiana's Avoyelles Parish. The rich soil found throughout the parish is fed by the Red River as it flows south to join the greater network of marshes and waterways that empty into the Atchafalya River and on into the Gulf of Mexico. Cotton, soy beans, sugar cane, rice and corn fields - as well as vast grazing land for cattle - are carved into the marshy woodlands surrounding Effie and it's neighboring community of Vick. These two quiet, rural villages have been home to the Lofton family for many generations.

With the help of his two young sons, Ray Lofton planted the family's first pecan orchard in Vick, on the banks of the Red River, in 1963. A second orchard was planted in the 1980s. Pecans and cattle were the Loftons' primary livelihood for decades, as the orchards thrived in the Lousiana sun.

In 2013, Ray's oldest son Lynn left a long career in another field to focus on maintaining and expanding the family pecan business. With the help of his wife, Brenda, and daughters Kendra and Krista, a new vision was formed and we have worked tirelessly together to create Riverside Pecan Company. Many months of planning, designing, organizing and quality testing have gone into our labor of love. Each individual family member brings a unique set of skills and know-how to the mix, and we are all eager to contribute our best to our work.

Everything we do at Riverside Pecan Company is done by hand, by members of our local community and family - from tending the orchards, to cracking and shelling, to baking and candy making, to packaging and shipping. Our recipes have been handed down from grandmothers to mothers, many of them scrawled on old fashioned recipe cards tucked into books on kitchen shelves. This is our family tradition.

We believe our collective passion and enthusiasm shows in every product we create. We hope our rigorous standards, attention to detail, and joyful work ethic shows through in every bite of our delicious nuts and confections. We believe there is something special about homemade, hand-made flavors that have lived on through generations. We believe you'll be able to taste the difference.